Gay Guide to Zurich, Switzerland
May 2015
Gay Guide to Zurich, Switzerland
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Gay Scene
Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is of course a world famous financial center and has been repeatedly proclaimed to have the best quality of life anywhere in the world. The gay scene is surprisingly lively and diverse for a city of it's size. Pop. approx 1,200,000. Whilst it's not Swizerland's capitol city (that's Burn), it is the Gay Capitol of Switzerland. The gay area is located in the old part of town between the grand main station and the river bank. 
Gay Events & Info
Zurch Pride - June 14th to 21st. 2015
Street Parade - August 29th. 2015
Arosa Gay Skiweek - January 12th to 17th. 2016
Pink Apple GLBT Film Festival
Playerz Parties
Angels Parties
Boyahkasha Parties
LMZ - Swiss Gay Motorcycle Group
Zurich Rainbow Open
ZVV - Zurich Transport
SPAIN - Sun, Sea, Sand & Sexy Spanish Studs.